Water Temperature


June 3rd Plymouth 15.1C
May 25th Plymouth 13.5C
May 16th Plymouth 12.3C
May 9th Plymouth 120C

April 28th Cawsand 10.9C

April 13th Plymouth 10.0C


December 27th Kit Hill 5.3C
December 24th Plymouth Hoe 8.8C
December 11th Kit Hill 5.9C
December 10th Devils Point 10.1C
December 4th Kit Hill Quarry 3.9c
November 26th Kit Hill Quarry 5.8C
November 13th Kit Hill Quarry 7.0C
November 6th Kit Hill Quarry 7.5C
October 29th Plymouth Hoe 12.1C
October 16th Kit Hill Quarry 9.7C
October 14th Buckfastleigh Pool 15.5C
October 13th Plymouth Hoe 13.6C
October 9th Kit Hill Quarry 10.5C
October 6th Plymouth Hoe 14.1C
September 22nd Plymouth Hoe 16.8C
August 25th Plymouth Hoe 16.7C
June 18th  Cawsand 14.5C
June 2nd Plymouth Hoe 13.7C
May 22nd Cawsand 12.5C
May 21st Plymouth Hoe 11.5C
May 14th Cawsand 11.5C
May 12th Plymouth Hoe 12.1C
May 7th Cawsand 11.8C
May 5th Plymouth Hoe 11.2C
April 22nd Cawsand 11.6C
April 21st  Plymouth Hoe 9.1C
April 17th Cawsand 11.0C
April 16th Plymouth Hoe 10.0C
April 7th Plymouth Hoe  8.5C
March 17th Plymouth Hoe  8.3C
March 4th Plymouth Hoe  8.3C
January 18th Kit Hill Quarry 4.8C
January 17th Buckfastleigh Pool 6.4C
January 10th Kit Hill Quarry 6.6C
January 9th Buckfastleigh Pool 8.0C
January 3rd Kit Hill Quarry 7.8C
January 2nd Kit Hill Quarry 8.0C


December 29th Kit Hill Quarry 9.0C
December 27th Plymouth Hoe 11.5C
December 6th Kit Hill Quarry 7.5C
November 29th Kit Hill Quarry 7.6C
November 28th Buckfastleigh Pool  8.8C
November 26th Plymouth Hoe 12.4C
November 22nd Kit Hill 8.3C
November 21st Plymouth Hoe 13.8C
November 1st Kit Hill Quarry 10.0C
October 25th Kit Hill Quarry 9.5C
October 18th Kit Hill Quarry 9.5C
October 15th Plymouth Hoe 14.3C
October 11th Kit Hill  11.0C
October 9th Plymouth Hoe 14.9C
October 4th Kit Hill  11.0C
September 10th  Plymouth Hoe 16.0C
September 5th Kit Hill 13.7C
September 3rd  Plymouth Hoe 15.6C
July 29th  Plymouth Hoe 16.1C
July 20th  Plymouth Hoe 16.6C
July 10th  Plymouth Hoe 16.8C
July 2nd  Plymouth Hoe 17.3C
June 25th  Plymouth Hoe 16.6C
June 20th  Cawsand 14.1C
June 13th Cawsand 13.7C
June 7th Cawsand 12.7C
June 6th Cawsand 12.9C
May 31st Cawsand 12.9C
May 20th Plymouth 12.9C
May 16th Cawsand 12.3C
May 15th Plymouth 13.7C
May 10th Cawsand 11.7C
May 9th Adrenalin Quarry 12.5C
May 1st Bude 11.6C
April 29th Plymouth 11.1C
April 26th Cawsand 10.9C
April 24th Plymouth 11.9C
April 20th Plymouth 11.7C
April 19th Cawsand 11.5C
April 2nd Plymouth Hoe 9.3C
March 29th Plymouth Hoe 9.3C
March 20th Plymouth Hoe 8.8C ECLIPSE
March 19th Plymouth Hoe 8.9C
March 13th Plymouth Hoe 9.1C
March 7th Plymouth Hoe 8.9C
February 22nd Plymouth Hoe 8.6C
February 9th Plymouth Hoe 8.3C
February 8th Kit Hill MINUS 0.3C
February 6th Plymouth Hoe 8.5C
January 25th Kit Hill Quarry 3.4C
January 24th Plymouth Hoe 9.4C
January 4th Kit Hill Quarry 4.5C
January 3rd Plymouth Hoe 10.3C


December 28th Plymouth Hoe 10.0C
December 27th Kit Hill Quarry 6.0C
December 22nd Plymouth Hoe 10.7C
December 21st Kit Hill Quarry 5.9C
December 20th Plymouth Hoe 10.8C
December 19th Plymouth Hoe 11.1C
December 14th Kit Hill Quarry 4.9C
December 12th Plymouth Hoe 10.6C
December 7th Kit Hill Quarry 5.7C
December 6th Cawsand 11.5C
December 4th Plymouth Hoe 11.2C
November 30th Kit Hill 7.6C
November 29th Plymouth Hoe 12.3C
November 27th Plymouth Hoe 11.9C
November 23rd Kit Hill 8.4C
November 22nd Cawsand 13.5C
November 21st Plymouth Hoe 12.7C
October 26th Kit Hill 11.0C
October 24th  Plymouth Hoe 14.7C
October 23rd  Plymouth Hoe 14.6C
October 19th Kit Hill 12.5C
October 16th Plymouth Hoe 15.0C
October 12th Kit Hill 10.7C
October 10th Plymouth Hoe 16.2C
October 2nd Plymouth Hoe 17.5C
September 18th Plymouth Hoe 17.8C
September 11th Plymouth Hoe 17.1C
August 28th Plymouth Hoe 16.8C
August 8th Plymouth Hoe 19.4C
August Plymouth Hoe 1st 18.3C
July 31st Plymouth Hoe 18.6C
July 10th Plymouth Hoe 15.5C
June 12th Plymouth 15.4C
June 5th Plymouth 15.2C
May 30th Plymouth 13.8C
May 10th Cawsand 12.2C
May 3rd Cawsand 11.7C
May 2nd Plymouth Hoe 12.7C
April 27th Adrenalin Quarry  12.5C
April 26th Cawsand 12.5C
April 25th Plymouth Hoe 13.0C
April 24th Plymouth Hoe 12.4C
April 20th Adrenalin Quarry 12.4C
April 21st Cawsand 10.3C
April 20th Plymouth Hoe 12.5C
April 19th Plymouth Hoe 10.8C
April 13th Adrenalin Quarry 12.5C
April 3rd Plymouth Hoe 9.5Cst
March 29th Cawsand 9.5C
March 28th Plymouth Hoe 9.0C
March 23rd Adrenalin Quarry 9.0C
March 9th Adrenalin Quarry 7.5C
March 2nd Adrenalin Quarry 5.4C
February 28th Plymouth Hoe 8.0C
February 23rd Adrenalin Quarry 5.3C
February 9th Adrenalin Quarry 5.1C
January 30th Kit Hill Quarry4.3C
January 30th Adrenalin Quarry 5.1C
January 26th Adrenalin Quarry 6.0C
January 25th Cawsand 9.3C
January 11th Adrenalin Quarry 6.2C
January 10th Torquay 10.5C




Dec 29th 2013 Adrenalin Quarry 4.7C
December 28th Kit Hill Quarry 4.7C
Dec 21st 2013 Adrenalin Quarry 7.8C
Dec 15th 2013 Adrenalin Quarry 7.5C
December 8th Kit Hill Quarry 4.8C
December 7th Cawsand 11.2C
December 6th Plymouth Hoe 10.5C
December 1st Adrenalin Quarry 8.0C
November 30th Cawsand 11.7C
November 29th Plymouth Hoe 11.6C
November 24th Kit Hill Quarry 4.7C
November 17th Adrenalin Quarry 10.4C
November 6th Cawsand 13.5C
November 15th Plymouth Hoe 12.5C
November 10th Adrenalin Quarry 11.2C
November 9th Cawsand 13.8C
November 8th Plymouth Hoe 13.1C
November 3rd Adrenalin Quarry  12.3C
November 2nd Cawsand 14.0C
October 26th Cawsand 14.9C
October 20th Adrenalin Quarry 14.0C
October 17th  Plymouth Hoe 15.1C
October 13th Adrenalin Quarry 14.7C
October 3rd  Plymouth Hoe 16.7C
September 29th  Plymouth Hoe 16.4C
September 22nd  Burgh 15.6C
September 21st  Plymouth Hoe 15.6C
September 20th  Plymouth Hoe 16.9C
September 8th  Plymouth Hoe 17.2C
August 15th  Plymouth Hoe 17C
August 13th  Plymouth Hoe 18.3C
July 25th  Plymouth Hoe 17C
July 11th  Plymouth Hoe 16C
June 13th Plymouth 14C
June 6th Plymouth 13.4C
June 1st Cawsand 12.4C
May 24th Plymouth 12.2C
May 23rd Plymouth 10.3C
May 18h Thurlestone 11.2C
May 17th Wembury 12C
May 16th Plymouth 12C
May 11th Cawsand 9.8C
May 10th Plymouth 11.2C
May 6th Burgh 11C
May 5th Adrenalin Quarry 13.8C
May 4th Cawsand 8.8C
May 3rd Plymouth 10.4C
May 2nd Plymouth 10.8C
April 28th Port Gaverne  9.5C
April 26th Cawsand 8.5C
April 25th Plymouth  9.9C
April 20th Cawsand 8.4C
April 19th Plymouth  9.0C
April 13th Cawsand  7.3C
April 12th Plymouth  7.8C
April 6th Cawsand  7.1C
April 5th Plymouth 8.0C
March 29th Plymouth  7.4C
March 23rd Treyarnon 8.3C
March 17th Cawsand  7.8C
March 15th Plymouth 8.0C
March 9th Cawsand  8.2C
March 8th Plymouth 8.7C
March 2nd Plymouth  7.8C
March 2nd Cawsand  7.3C
March 1st Plymouth  7.3C
February 17th Plymouth  9.5C
February 16th Cawsand 8.9C
February 10th Torquay 8.3C
February 9th Cawsand 8.9C
February 3rd  9.0C
February 2nd Cawsand 9.4C
January 19th Cawsand 8.3C
January 12th Torquay 10.2C


December 16th Burgh 10.3C
December 2nd Charlestown 10.4C
December 1st Cawsand 11.5C
November 23rd Plymouth Hoe 10.9C
November 16thThe Hoe 12C
November 2ndThe Hoe 12.3C
November 1st The Hoe 12.7C
October 28th Adrenalin Quarry 11.5C
October 27th 2012 River Dart 6.6C
October 27th Cawsand 13.5C (dolphins)
Oct 16th  Plymouth Devils Point 14.3C
October 11th  The Hoe 14.5C
Oct 7th  Plymouth Devils Point 14.0C
October 4th  The Hoe 14.2C
September 29th  Cawsand 15.5C
Sept 27th  The Hoe 14.7C (after rain)
September 11th  Plymouth 16.7C
September 1st  Cawsand 16.7C
August 27th  Port Gaverne 16.7C
August 16th  Plymouth Hoe 16.5C
August 1st  Cawsand 15.6C
July 21st  Cawsand 15.3C
July 14th Wembury 15C
July 4th Cawsand 14.3C
June 24th Wembury 15.7
May 31st The Hoe 14.7C
May 27th Thurlestone 13.4C
May 23rd The Hoe 13C
May 19th Cawsand 11C
May 5th Cawsand 10.8C
May 1st The Hoe 13C
April 25th Cawsand 10.8C
April 19th Cawsand 10C
April 11th Cawsand 11.2C
April 6th Burgh 10.8C
April 7th Marazion 11C
April 4th Cawsand 11C
March 31st  Cawsand 10.8C
March 28th Cawsand 11.3C
March 24th Cawsand 10.4C
March 18th Wembury 10.5C
March 17th Falmouth 10.5C
March 14th Cawsand 10.5C
March 4th Charlestown 10.1C
March 3rd Cawsand 9.9C
February 28th Cawsand 9.8C
February 26th Plymouth Sound 9.4C
February 22th Cawsand 8.9C
February 18th Cawsand 9.5C
February 15th Cawsand 8.5C
February 11th Wembury 8.4C
February 5th Charlestown 8.5C
February 4th 2012 Cawsand 7.5C
February 1st Cawsand 8C
January 28th Burgh 8.9C
January 25th Cawsand 10.1C
January 22nd Wembury 10C
January 21th Cawsand 10.4C with 3 dolphins
January 18th Cawsand 9.5C
January 15th Looe 9.2C
January 14th Cawsand 9.9C
January 11th 2012 Cawsand 10.7C
January 7th 2012 River Dart 7.7C
January 7th 2012 Cawsand 10.5C
January 4th 2012 Cawsand 10C


December 28th Cawsand 10.9C
December 26th Plymouth Sound 10.6C
December 24th Burgh Island 11C
December 20th Cawsand 11.3C
December 19th Port Gaverne 9.6C
December 13th Cawsand 11.2C
December 11th Plymouth Hoe 10.9C
December 10th Cawsand 11.7C
December 4th Charlestown 12.5C