SwimSafe advice

DO NOT assume that because others are swimming that it is safe - we all have different abilities and tolerance to the cold so you MUST make YOUR OWN decision as to whether the swim is suitable for you taking into account the variable conditions on the day. 
DO NOT compromise your own safety or that of others and take responsibility to ensure that you are visible to other water users.
* It is recommended that you swim at quieter times and / or places so as to minimise contact with other folk.
* All swimmers are VERY STRONGLY advised to wear a brightly coloured swim cap and use a tow-float so as to be visible to swimming companions and other water users such as boats/jet skis etc. This also helps to maintain social distance from other swimmers. DCWS swimhats can be purchased from time to time  from the Swimhats tab above or click here Swimhats and towfloats can be found at the SwimSecure shop or by searching ebay / amazon etc - usually £18 upwards and a drybag type is recommended to keep your keys and valuables safe.
* You can start swimming at any time of year but during the winter it is advised to swim with one of the experienced winter swimming groups.
* Swim well inside any marked out swim zone areas - usually demarked by yellow buoys with appropriate signage .
Info on Plymouth swimzones is here Plymouth Sound Swim Zones
* It is advised to notify an individual of your personal information e.g. name and emergency contact number, before setting out on the swim.
* All swimmers are individually responsible for making their own assessment as to the risks involved in any particular swim.
* Swims arranged by members of  Devon or Cornwall Wild Swimming are not led or supervised by qualified individuals and no insurance or safety cover is in place.  YOU SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK.
* The decision to take part in any event is to be taken individually and participants must not rely (in whole or in part) on views or information provided by others. You should assess the conditions on the day and make a decision whether or not to swim appropriate to your ability.
* If you are in any doubt about the safety of a swim or your ability to complete it, you should not take part.
* Further, to the maximum extent permitted by law, any person  co-ordinating an event either individually or through the forum of Devon or Cornwall Wild Swimming 
exclude any liability for personal injury, death or other harm or loss to participants of the event as a result of their negligence or other breach of legal duty.
* Please browse other sources of information such as the Outdoor Swimming Society - click here  outdoor swimming society - website for:
Risks inherent in outdoor swimming, which include hypothermia, drowning, injury, sickness and further (but not comprehensive) information on precautions to be taken before and during an outdoor swim.