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Swimming during the health crisis

Please also read SwimSafe advice

People can now spend time outdoors in a public place subject to: not meeting up with any more than 5 other people at one time from outside your household or social bubble; continued compliance with social distancing guidelines to remain two metres (6ft) away from people outside your household unless mitigating factors are in place when a 1 metre minimum distance must be maintained.; good hand hygiene, particularly with respect to shared surfaces.


Is recommended to swim at a lifeguarded beach although lifeguard cover is limited at the moment so please check the RNLI website for the currrent list of lifeguarded beaches.

RNLI are concerned at the stretch on resources should a rescue be required although this applies equally to cliff walkers, coast path walkers, scuba divers, surfers and people floating out to sea in dinghies and well as competent open water swimmers but it is still relevant so anyone visiting the coast should assess the risks and take the necessary steps to stay safe so please only swim in suitable conditions and stay well within your capability.

It also makes sense to use towfloats and / or bright caps so we can see each other and maintain social distance and to swim at quieter times and places.


The new rules allow driving irrespective of distance to open spaces to exercise although I would recommend that you stay local where you can. It is often the case that swim spots are quieter earlier in the morning or later in the day so if you can arrange your swimming at quieter times that will have less impact on popular spots.

Please, of course, take care of the environment and leave the area clean and tidy.


Transmission is affected by both duration and proximity of contact; individuals should not be too close to other people for more than a short amount of time. Public Health England recommends trying to keep two metres away from people as a precaution.

( Think of it as each exposure to another person for one minute is a grain of sand - too many people or too many minutes in other people's company will turn that grain of sand into a sandcastle that will then be a significant exposure .....)


It remains the case that anyone who has symptoms, however mild, or is in a household where someone has symptoms, should not leave their house. If you have been advised by the Track and Trace system that you have been in proximity to a person who has tested positive for Covid 19 you should be tested asap and self isolate for 14 days.

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